children, refugees

UNICEF: Violence blocks education for millions

The war and upheaval sweeping the Middle East and North Africa prevents 14 million children from attending school. That includes refugees who are left out when the school systems of host countries will not absorb them.

People-power and the ‘Guatemalan Spring’

Fed up young people using social media have galvanised Guatemalans angry at corruption – and helped oust a president. The the “Guatemalan Spring” is looking increasingly irresistible.

Red Cross: Water being used as weapon in Syria

Civilians in the city of Aleppo are undergoing enormous suffering because of deliberate cuts to water and electricity supplies, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has said. About two million people live in the Syrian city but many, on both sides of the frontlines, are having severe difficulty in accessing water, the organisation said in a statement on Wednesday.